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squid problems with DNS resolution

Sorry if this is a dup, but I didn't see any sign of it on the list
after 12 hours...


I've recently setup squid for a small home network (2 boxes, not
counting the proxy server itself).  Unfortunately, I instantly get the
error text below when I try to access a non-cached site.  If I do a
shift-reload, the site will then load successfully, and I won't have
any further trouble with it.

   The requested URL could not be retrieved
   While trying to retrieve the URL: http://blah.org/blah/

   The following error was encountered:

       Unable to determine IP address from host name for blah.org

   The dnsserver returned:

       No DNS records

   This means that:

    The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the
    Check if the address is correct.

The proxy server is also running pdnsd, which is providing name
resolution for the local network.  This appears to be working
properly... email, http (minus squid), etc. have no apparent problem
resolving hostnames.  I've tried reconfiguring the proxy server to use
my ISP's nameservers, just to be sure, but that didn't make any
noticeable difference.  The proxy box is running Woody, so the squid
version is 2.4.6-2.

Any suggestions for what I should be checking?  Thanx!

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