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Re: One Last Note

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 10:52:40PM -0700, Alan Connor wrote:
| You have 3 spammers on the list, that I have been able to identify for
| sure.

Yeah right.  Spammers don't subscribe to mailing lists like this one.

| You can figure it out: They are the ones that spearheaded the opposition
| against CR.

Oh.  Your count is wrong.  (too low.)  I hate the idea of
Challenge-Response.  In almost every case, the recipient just won't
see whatever I had to say (usually technical advice about something)
because I file the challenges in the bit-bucket.  I just ignored that
whole thread (didn't even read it) because I already know that CR is
pointless and essays explaining that fact abound on the www.

| They were the main reason I chose the list for my provocations.

Whatever.  You just like a fight.  If you didn't you wouldn't keep
posting messages like this one that have no point other than to rile

| I have their every post on file,

So does lists.debian.org and google.com.  Big deal.

| and am preparing detailed responses to their twisted arguments.

Maybe I should do some playing with your system, just for fun ...
(and determine which other identies you enjoy boasting about)

Then again, maybe I have better (productive) things to do with my

Can you start at least trying to be civil now?


For society, it's probably a good thing that engineers value function
over appearance.  For example, you wouldn't want engineers to build
nuclear power plants that only _look_ like they would keep all the
radiation inside.
    (Scott Adams - The Dilbert principle)

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