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Re: Installing LVM

Tom Allison <tallison@tacocat.net> wrote:

> >>I'm trying to install an LVM system under Debian.
> >
> >>lvcreate -L3G /nusr vg0
> >>invalidate: busy buffer (about 20 repeats)
> >>/dev/mapper/control: open failed: No such file or directory
> >>Is device-mapper driver missing from kernel?
> >
> >Well, is it?
> >
> That does appear to be the case.
> I didn't expect to have to install a custom kernel to
> get a debian package to work.  This was done with the
> debian 2.4.18 kernel.  Do you know if this appears in a
> later kernel?

It does. Either you choose lvm10 and enable lvm-support in
your 2.4.18 kernel or you choose lvm20 and enable
device-mapper support in your 2.4.21 (probably patched)

In order to get you lvm-stuff to work fast -> use lvm10
and your 2.4.18 kernel.

There is no safe distance.

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