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On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 21:33, Alan Connor wrote:
> Just to let the bullies here who keep bouncing off me and just can't take
> it, and who apparently have no ethics at all:
> I post here under another identity and confine myself there to strictly
> Debian matters.
> I have no doubt that a few folks here will abuse their power and have
> this identity banned from the list.
> Well, you can't do that. And I can sign up again under a different identity
> and come to my own defense on these issues :-)
> No problem at all.
> And thanks for teaching me that I have to killfile people from my personal
> mailbox whom I killfile from Usenet. Shoulda thought of that earlier.

Just to get one thing straight from the beginning, I have no problem
with Alan nor anyone who has been participating in/getting sucked into
the recent flame-wars. I have not, and do not intend to start,
participating in the C-R thread or any of these other things.

My only request is that if people are going to killfile each other and
throw accusations and insults back and forth at each other, please do it
in private.

I have great respect for all of the members of this list, lurkers and
regulars alike, and that is not diminished in any way by recent events.
I'm just suggesting that personal arguments be taken elsewhere. Doing
things like that here is about as silly as coming here to argue with
your spouse. :)

p.s. I don't want anyone to think that I'm singling anyone out here,
specifically Alan. This just happened to be the most recent post that I
saw about this issue and was a convenient one to reply to.
Alex Malinovich
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