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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful

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On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 01:24:23PM -0400, ScruLoose wrote:
> www.spamcop.net has a free reporting service that allows you to forward
> spam to them (or paste it into a web interface). It then goes through a
> bunch of tests (which I know little or nothing about personally) to
> figure out where the spam actually came from, and drafts a complaint
> e-mail (from Spamcop) to the spammer's ISP. Add your own comments if
> you want, and hit send.

If you click the checkbox that has something to the effect of "show
technical details," then you get to see what it's doing.

> Spam reported through this mechanism is submitted to SpamCop's RBL at
> the same time.

This is a pretty accurate BL.  My mail server handles between 1000 and
5000 messages a day, with maybe one or two false positives a month
from this list.

Here's the exim4 config snippet to go in

  deny  message         = Your mail server is currently spamming.  You can either wait it out or find an ethical mail provider.
        log_message     = $sender_host_address is listed at $dnslist_domain ($dnslist_value: $dnslist_text)
        dnslists        = bl.spamcop.net

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