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Re: Moving /home to its own partition.

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On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 04:35:48PM +0100, Pigeon wrote:
>   rm -rf /home (gets rid of old stuff)
>   mkdir /home (you still need a /home as a mount point)
> Note that:
>   rm -rf /home/* won't get rid of those pesky dot files
>   rm -rf /home/.* gets rid of a little bit too much...

Doh!  Yeah, you're right.  Forgot that many tools ignore hidden files
with no option to *not* ignore hidden files.

> your-favourite-editor /etc/fstab

Though if people are keeping their alternatives sane, literally
"editor /etc/fstab" will work.

> cfdisk tends to moan at you to reboot to make sure that the kernel
> re-reads the partition table. IME this is a "safety message" which is
> given irrespective of whether it's needed; if nothing is using the
> disk in question (as is the case when partitioning a brand-new disk)
> the kernel re-reads the partition table quite happily.

parted seems to be pretty smart about knowing when you need to reboot.

> You'll need to boot off a rescue disk, install CD or something to do
> this, as it is dangerous to do it on a mounted filesystem.

Can't you just hit sysrq-s sysrq-u to make the system read only and do
it that way?

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