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Re: Debian Woody, KDE startup does not go past "Peripherals" phase

Luc Lefebvre wrote:


I have a similar experience with Woody on a laptop. If I turn off the sound daemon <booting into a plain X session and then with an editor modifying the KDE config files> I can then get into KDE. In the KDE control center the aRts should be off. This did it for me. Interestingly Knoppix 3.2 recognizes the sound card but fails on modprobe "sound-slot-0".

You can go to the .ked/share/config/kcmartsrc file and set "StartServer=false" <quotes are mine> and see if that helps...

I had thought about this course of action too.. I had disabled the sound server. I checked the ~/.kde/share/config/kcmartsc file and it was already set with StartServer=false. It still crashes at the same point. Thank you for the suggesstion though. Anymore ideas.. this is just plain weird.

Harshwardhan Nagaonkar
Electrical Engineering Sysop
Brigham Young University - 84602

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