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Re: Use of Debian For Non-Profits

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 07:13:34AM -0400, James M. Nugent wrote:
> Hello,
> I work with a non-profit in N. Virginia (Computer CORE) that provides
> refurbished computers to low-income adults and other non-profits that use
> them for various applications. We're currently working with a church group
> that wants to distribute out old P-I systems to Liberia. Normally we would
> have them buy $5 versions of Win 98 which we would install on the systems,
> but they're not in a position to spend the $160 to do this. We're trying to
> find a version of Linux that we could install, but we are being told that we
> can't export systems with current encryption. Do you have a version of Linux
> with 56-bit encryption that we could obtain?
> Thanks.
> James Nugent

While it doesn't exactly answer your query, you may be interested in
checking out the new Debian-NP (non-profit) sub-project. That's a group
trying to put together a particular group of packages useful for
non-profit groups. Have a look at the website


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