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Re: debian windoze network starting point

On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 16:29, Tim wrote:
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> Hi,
> Could someone please recommend internet links that will give me guidance
> on the setup of a debian windoze network?
> I have a fully functional network with two PCs and crossover network
> cable using Debian.
> But I can't ping to or from when one is running windoze 98.  I intend to
> use smb once I can connect the two.
> All suggestions gratefully received.
> Tim

Hi Tim,

How are you assigning IP addresses?  If you are doing it manually, make
sure that you are giving the Win98 machine a valid IP on the same subnet
as the Debian machine.  If the Win98 machine is set to dhcp then unless
the Debian machine is a dhcp server, the Win98 machine will set it's IP
to something in the 169. range.

Hope that helps.
Kourosh <debian@mindwaresystems.com>

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