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Re: Unable to connect DShot II camera

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Andrew McGuinness wrote:
| Tim wrote:
|> Hi,
|> I've just bought the Oregon Scientific DShot II digital camera.  I can't
|> access the images.  Does my kernel need reconfiguring?  Or is it
|> something to do with usbdevfs?
|> The error message reads:
|> hub.c: USB new device connect on bus 1/3, assigned device number 2
|> usb.c: USB device not accepting new address=2 (error=-110)
|> hub.c: USB new device connect on bus 1/3, assigned device number 3
|> usb.c: USB device 3 (vend/prod 0x919/0x100) is not claimed by any active
|> driver.
| I'm not sure that's a problem: As far as I understand, gphoto2 talks to
| the camera as a generic USB device.
| It could, as you say, be usbdevfs, if gphoto2 uses that.  what does
| # cat /proc/bus/usb/devices
| say?

No mention of this camera in there.

|> I've installed gphoto2 from unstable, in which the DShotII camera is
|> listed.
|> tim@debian:~$ gphoto2 --list-ports
|> Devices found: 2
|> Path                             Description
|> --------------------------------------------------------------
|> serial:/dev/ttyS0                Serial Port 0
|> usb:                             Universal Serial Bus
|> tim@debian:~$ gphoto2 --auto-detect
|> Model                          Port
|> ----------------------------------------------------------
| Most of the gphoto2 faq's revolve around permissions to the usb device:
| http://gphoto.sourceforge.net/doc/manual/permissions-usb.html
| It also seems to depend on hotplug support.  Do you have the package
| "hotplug" installed?
|> Specifying the camera makes no difference.  I can access my Nikon 4300
|> via /dev/sda1.
| That means you're using usb-storage to access that, which is fine, but I
| don't think your DShot II supports usb-storage.  Gphoto2 is using a
| different mechanism to access the DShotII, so it might be a
| configuration problem with the USB.

Much progress has been made, I previously didn't have hotplug in my
kernel config.  Now I can download jpg files.  But I cannot use its
webcam feature.

The camera is recognised as FujiFilm @xia ix-100, and uses
/usr/local//lib/gphoto2/2.1.1/libgphoto2_soundvision.so as its driver.

For some reason the command update-usb.usermap doesn't work on this PC.
~ What package is that one part of?  I'm hoping by resetting this, the
problem will be solved.

Thanks again,


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