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Re: VIM - no syntax highlighting on console

Santanu Chatterjee schrieb im Artikel <h7oA.2t1.5@gated-at.bofh.it>:
> Jaque Moreau <mr.wimpy@firemail.de> writes:
>> >> it didn't work.
>> >> 
>> > try 
>> >:set term=$TERM
>> in vim? What does it do?
> I read this thread from the middle and missed the rest. So, if I
> understood your question correctly, you got colors in terminal, but not
> while in vim. If that is true, you have a terminal that supports
> color, but vim does not know about it. In that case see the value of
> the $TERM variable at the terminal, and set that value in Vim as
> mentioned above, replacing $TERM with the actual value you got.

so this would mean I would have to set $TERM to linux as it is set to
linux by default and other software is able to use colors.

I'll try if I am at home again.

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