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Re: VIM - no syntax highlighting on console

Jaque Moreau <mr.wimpy@firemail.de> writes:

> >> it didn't work.
> >> 
> > try 
> >:set term=$TERM
> in vim? What does it do?

I read this thread from the middle and missed the rest. So, if I
understood your question correctly, you got colors in terminal, but not
while in vim. If that is true, you have a terminal that supports
color, but vim does not know about it. In that case see the value of
the $TERM variable at the terminal, and set that value in Vim as
mentioned above, replacing $TERM with the actual value you got.

For example, in one of our Slackware machines at college, Vim did not
show colors when the term variable was set to xterm. It showed colors
only after I changed it to xterm-color using

:set term=xterm-color


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