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Re: Upgrade exim -> exim4

My experience:

I just made the transition yesterday. The configuration has changed in a
major way, but the installation was relativvely smooth (Debian rocks on
this sort of thing). The only problem was that since my system is on a
local network it is invisible from the outside (firewall, masquerading).
So, I had to do some rewriting on Sender:, once I found out that
/etc/mail-addresses is the place to do that (I hope I am right) it was


On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 12:31:04AM +0200, debian-user-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> Does anybody care to offer any tips in upgrading my exim to exim4?  I've 
> looked through the exim documentation about it, but I'm kind of hoping that 
> debian will do a better job than they describe....
> Is there some way to install exim4 without removing the version I currently 
> have?  For "configuration testing" while the old one continues to run?
> David
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