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Debian 10th Birthday Party, 8/16 Taipei, Taiwan.

We're going to hold a party to celebrate Debian's 10th birthday on
August 16th in Taipei, Taiwan. The party is open to the public, all are
welcome to attend. We will meet at CoffeeLab (near the intersection of
Hsin-Shen South Rd. and Jenai Rd.) You can get to CoffeeLab by MRT or
bus. More information, including directions, is available at
(Traditional Chinese):


Date: Sat 16 Aug 2003
Time: 13:00-17:00
Address: CoffeeLab - 2F., No. 125, Sec. 1, Hsin-Shen South Rd., Taipei
City, Tel +886-2-8771-6338

We may have a cake with Debian Swing logo, Jack Liu is so kind to
provide 15 special gifts, and Jouston is willing to offer 15 Dr. Linux
magazine, much thanks to them. There will be a PGP key-signing party
held during the meeting. A key-signing party is a get-together with PGP
users for the purpose of meeting other PGP users and signing each
other's keys. This helps to extend the "web of trust" to a great degree.
Also, it sometimes serves as a forum to discuss strong cryptography and
related issues.

Best Regards,
Wen-chien Jesse Sung

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