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Re: nameservers and resolv.conf(s): switching from charter cable to tds dsl

It seems to me when you configured your internet connection you told it not to pull down the name servers for you. You must have a /etc/resolve.conf if you wish DNS to work whatsoever. So you have the options of making your own /etc/resolve.conf or you can figure your internet connection to pull them down for you. Atleast that is what i would do.


Cheryl Homiak wrote:

this afternoon I was looking through files on my system because when I added a
new user, Pine wanted to give the user a chartermi.net domain even though I've
changed everything (I thought) to tdS. In looking over my files I found a
/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/dhcpc/resolv.conf and /var/lib/dhcpc/resolv.conf. These
contain what appear to be old nameservers from charter, and the /etc/resolv.conf
still also says "search mad.charter.net." If I remove the resolv.conf(s), I get
an ip address when I reboot but I don't actually connect--can't access anything
online. so it would appear that I do need resolv.conf somewhere and I need
nameservers, but I thought dhcpcd was responsible for getting those. I'm sure I
shouldn't still be using the same nameservers.
Any explanations/suggestions would be appreciated.


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