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Not able to erase an empty directory... ?

Hi, all:

	I have a really weird behaviour in my Debian box. I wanted to clean out
today the wine installation that I have removing all the installed
Windows programs under /usr/local/Windows.... so I just cd ther and rm
-r as root... The funny thing is the the 'Program files' subdirectory
cannot be erased because it complains that 'Program files\Accesories' is
not empty! I have moved there as root and looked inside and there is
nothing in the directory... I have even use Midnight Commander to look
for a weird hidden file or subdir and I see absolutely nothing, yet, 'rm
-r -f' as root complains that the subdir is not empty... Have I been
hacked some way is there a way to check the content of the filesystem in
a reliable manner? Can I do any other kind of test? or is there a way to
force (more than rm -f) the erasing of a directory? I have even upgraded
the package of coreutils, to get a new binary for ls, just in case it
had been tampered with... and it still it shows nothing but I am unable
to erase it...

Any suggestions?
Please, Cc: to my mail!
Thanks in advance for the help!


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