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debian potato to woody transition

Hello all,
I was earlier trying to get potato installed on to a system and had several problems while doing so. I am actually assigned the task of upgrading two of the production servers from potato to woody, and which is why I wanted to install the old stable. I am a complete newbie to debian and would like to learn as much as I can while doing the testing. How does apt-get affect mysql databases and such other programs? I would still like to install potato onto to a test system and try to get it upgraded to woody using apt-get. I started off with making the floppy disks (rescue.bin /root.bin ) but I get an error when I boot off of the rescue.bin. Then I made a couple of more rescue.bins to make sure that the error was not in the floppy disks but got the same error. I used rarrite2 for making these disks. I have a CD RW at my dispense. Is there a way I could instead make a bootable CD? I tried coping the rescue.bin at the top level onto a CD, but obviously it did not work at all.
 Your help is appreciated,

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