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Re: web interface to submit bugs

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On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 02:40:44AM +0200, aradorlinux@yahoo.es wrote:
> Yeah. reportbug isn't bad, but it requires a mail server (or a mail account).

Well, considering so many other things require an MTA (cron, anacron,
at, most MUAs), and exim is part of the base system, why don't you
have one properly configured and installed?

> Web interface should be an option, at least IMHO.

No, because then we'll get people who really don't have enough
expertise to file a usable bug report reporting bugs.  See also:

> also, bugzilla makes contributions easier: It's damn easy to read the bugs
> reported to day, and try to fix one if you're not a developer. Much easier
> than sending requests to request@bugs.debian.org

Not really.  The only intuitive interface is the nipple.  Everything
after that is learned.

> The current system is good, but it's a bit "obscure" and at least it needs
> a bit of work to be usable for everybody.

You want obscure?  Go look at Microsoft's BTS.

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