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Re: moving mail to imap

On 31 Jul 23:03, Ross Boylan wrote:
> I'm just switching to IMAP, so I'll toss in a few observations.
> I decided to try Cyrus, mostly because it seemed mention more often
> than others on the exim lists, and it was mentioned as integrating
> very easily with exim.  I've found that to be the case.

> I also have old local mail I'd like to migrate, and have heard that I
> must manually create the folders before dragging the contents over
> (this is with evolution).  Somewhere someone must have written some
> scripts to do this, but for me it's not worth the effort to hunt them
> down.   Someone in this thread referred to the IMAP standard as being
> an obstacle to creating folders, but I don't think so.  You can create
> folders in IMAP; the only problem is automating it.

There's the script "mboxtocyrus" in /usr/share/doc/cyrus21-doc/examples
which reads a mbox file and copies the messages a folder of your choice
on the Cyrus server.

You still have to create the necessary folder on the server (otherwise
it will end up in your INBOX) but it only a shell script using formail
and cyrdeliver so you can alter it easily if needed.

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