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Re: Look at these update from M$ Corporation.

> From meyer@btinet.net Fri Aug  1 11:10:43 2003
> On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Alan Connor wrote:
> >=20
> > Spam is UCE (unsolicited commercial email) and stopping it can only be do=
> ne
> > with a Challenge-Response mail program, such as the one I put together.
> > There isn't ANY other approach that works.
> Spam tends to be an automated, bulk emailing of addresses, but not all=20
> automated, bulk emailing of addresses are spam.  Therefore, depending on
> the circumstances, Challenge-Response will deep-six valid email
> messages.


  Any spam-reduction system will end up doing so.

My version of C-R is not a "spam-reduction system" it is an spam-elimination

> Which is why, if you're careful, you'll want to doublecheck the messages
> marked as spam.

There are no messages marked as spam.

Please do your homework. You obviously do not understand C-R systems at

Gee, I wonder where you could find information on the subject?

> ~ Jesse Meyer


      For Linux/Bash users: Eliminate spam with the Mailbox-Sentry-Program. 
         See: http://tinyurl.com/inpd  for the scripts and docs.

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