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Re: dselect apt-get coordination

"DePriest, Jason R." <jrdepriest@ftb.com> writes:

> The /etc/apt/apt.conf files is extremely customizable. See 'man
> apt.conf' for all the details.
> The biggest problem I have with dselect over apt-get: it is easier to
> pick which version of a particular package I want to install when
> multiple versions are available with apt-get.

You may like aptitude; it has a similar (though more familiar to me)
user interface to dselect, but it's closer tied to APT, and is aware
that there could potentially be multiple versions of a package.  Rumor
is that it's not perfect about tracking a particular release ("I
usually run testing but I have an unstable APT source too"), but I
personally don't do this.

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