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Re: Linux firewall vs Windows and Hardware based firewalls

slowe@frii.com wrote:
"Andre Volmensky" <AndreV@datcom.com.au> writes:

I have to put forward an argument to management regarding setting up a
firewall on some of our clients networks.

What are the advantages of a linux firewall over something like Windows
with WinRoute on it, or even a hardware based firewall. What are the
disadvantages etc. I know I am asking on a linux users mailing list, but
I would also like reply's not to be too bias.

In addition to the software-based firewall/router solutions already mentioned,
have a look at IPCop (http://www.ipcop.org) and SmoothWall
(http://www.smoothwall.org).  Both are small Linux distros designed to be run on
throwaway PCs.

I'm currently running IPcop on an AMD K6-200 with 64m ram and a 1.2g HDD. What I
like about it over the hardware based boxes is the flexibility to add things
like content filtering, the web proxy, traffic graphs, intrusion detection,
logging, and the ability to effectively run a DMZ on a different NIC, and it's
ease of use and configuration.



I second the notion.
Excellent stuff.

It was kinda like stuffing the wrong card in a computer, when you're
stickin' those artificial stimulants in your arm.
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