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Re: Opening account in gnucash


probably you should send GnuCash questions to the gnucash mailing list. You will get more help there as you will find mor peaple that know GnuCash well.



Aaron Maxwell wrote:

I'm running Gnucash version 1.8.4. My system is sarge, except Gnucash and its dependencies are from sid. I have three accounts: 'Checking', 'Imbalance-USD', and 'Opening Balances'. I am able to open the last two just fine, but can't open the checking account. I click the 'Open' button when the account is selected, and Gnucash does not respond in any apparent way. (i.e., no error message - just silently fails). (This happens with sarge's version of gnucash too.)

'Checking' is of account type 'Bank'. If I add another bank-type account, I am able to open it just fine (including if I record transactions in it). Incidentally, this issue is present in one of the distributed examples: /usr/share/doc/gnucash/examples/taxreport.xac.gz If you invoke gnucash with this XAC file, the account 'Assets->Bank->Checking One' can't be opened on my system, but 'Checking Two' is openable.

Anyone else experienced this, or have ideas for what I can do? I've included the versions of each of gnucash's dependencies on my system below.

Thanks, Aaron http://redsymbol.com/

gdk-imlib1 1.9.14-13 guile-1.6-libs 1.6.4-2.1 libart2 1.4.2-14 libaudiofile0 0.2.3-4 libbonobo2 1.0.22-2.1 libc6 2.3.1-16 libdb3 3.2.9-19 libesd0 0.2.29-1 libesd-alsa0 0.2.23-2 libfreetype6 2.1.4-4 libgal23 0.24-1.3 libgdk-pixbuf-gnome2 0.22.0-2.0.1 libgdk-pixbuf2 0.22.0-2.0.1 libghttp1 1.0.9-10 libglade-gnome0 0.17-2.7 libglade0 0.17-2.7 libglib1.2 1.2.10-9 libgnome32 1.4.2-14 libgnomeprint15 0.37-3 libgnomesupport0 1.4.2-14 libgnomeui32 1.4.2-14 libgtk1.2 1.2.10-16 libgtkhtml20 1.0.4-5.1 libguile-ltdl-1 1.6.4-2.1 libguppi16 0.40.3-6 libgwrapguile1 1.3.4-8 libltdl3 1.4.3-10 liboaf0 0.6.10-3 libofx0c102 0.6.4-2 liborbit0 0.5.17-9 libpopt0 1.7-2 libqthreads-12 1.6.4-2.1 libstdc++5 3.3.1-0pre0 libxml1 1.8.17-2 libzvt2 1.4.2-14 oaf 0.6.10-3 xlibs 4.2.1-6 zlib1g 1.1.4-14 slib 2d4-2 guile-1.6-slib 1.6.4-2.1 libfinance-quote-perl 1.07-2 libdate-manip-perl 5.42a-2

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