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Re: nvnet module troubles (WAS: Re: I can't find the file /usr/src/linux/scripts/modpost but I need it)

Le Mercredi 30 Juillet 2003 02:40, Roberto Sanchez a écrit :
>  --- ramzez@netcourrier.com escribió:
> > so, after regenerating modpost, I succeed in compiling nvnet
> > the patch which work (at least with test2-mm1) is here :
> > http://penna.dyn.dhs.org/nvnet.2.5-1.diff
> Can you give me a step-by-step on this, because I patched my nforce driver
> and compled it with -test1 and -test2, but it wouldn't work becuase it
> would hang the machine anytime I tried bring up the interface with DHCP,
> and if I configured it statically, the network was still unreachable.
> Also, I noticed that my CPU utilization was about 50-75% (when idle)
> whenever I would run 2.6.0-testX.  Have you also seen this?  I can't figure
> it out, as my machine (Athlon XP+ 2500) runs fine under a 2.4.20 and my
> laptop (Pentium III 700) runs the 2.6.0-test2 just great without ridiculous
> amounts of CPU utilization while idle.
> -Roberto

step-by-step :
there can be a lot of reason for that
first, i want to tell you I haven't IGP on my motherboard : it's a nforce2-400ultra (maybe the igp can give problems, i don't know)
I use acpi, but I disable apic
and I use test2-mm1 (maybe the mm1 patch is the reason why it works for me)

to install the nvnet driver, i get the nforce2 tarball on nvidia web site
I decompress then go to the nvnet source tree (nforce/nvnet)
I patch it : patch -p1 < /the/path/to/nvnet.2.5-1.diff
then install it with "make && make install"
that's all
try with the last version off nvnet, you shouldn't have any problem (I hope)
ps : my network is statically configured

about the cpu utilization, I notice nothing strange
to get the mm1 patch, it's here :

good luck

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