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WM theme install probs.

Rodney D. Myers wrote:

After genmenu runs, you cannot edit it manually, it has to be done
through wmakerconf.

BTW, why are you running as root? Not a good idea, too many bad things
can happen, If you run as a "normal' user, the worse that can happen, is
just screwing up one account, your way is to mess the whole system.

If it does not find your program(s), then from the shell type "which
application(s)", and note the path. From within wmakerconf, find the
"folder" you want your application(s) to be stored in, and click add,
then copy/paste your application(s) there. A custom windowmaker menu.
Thanks Rodney, I've been playing around with wmakerconf and easily
managed to install the default debian menu which is at least a step
forward in usability. However I still cannot install my downloaded themes.

One problem with the above is that copy/pasting only works between
similar (in my case Gnome) terminals and wmakerconf
does not use standard terminals.  The path is
/and the themes are

adam@Tux:~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/Themes$ ls
0kmeleon.themed           BlueSunI.themed    Rousseau-dream.themed
10 Jahre.themed           Hiatum.themed      alinghi
1000yearsafter.themed     Jelly.themed       ansel.themed
A Feeling of Rain.themed  Korean_Art.themed  evolution-white.themed
A Splash of Gold.themed   Maoist.themed      stress.themed
Ancient City.themed       NGC4414.themed
Anghiari.themed           Passion.themed

... which do not show up on the WM themes menu. In a previous install
they popped up automagically.

I'll keep bashing away - and hopefully do something productive - but
any ideas will be appreciated.

Adam Bogacki  :-\

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