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Re: Intel Hyper Threading on Linux..

Louie Miranda wrote:
> Does Debian/Kernel? Support HT?

Works fine for me.  One of the systems here is a dual processor with
hyperthreading enabled.  It was an accident that HT was enabled but we
decided to leave it that way and run some benchmarks on it.  It is a
dual cpu and so it shows up as four processors with the HT enabled.
It has so far been quite stable with no trouble at all.  Currently
running the kernel-image-2.4.20-2-686-smp from woody-proposed-updates.

As to whether it has benefits the jury is still out.  Since it is
already a dual processor machine I don't think it adds anything
significant to turn HT on and in some cases I believe can actually
slow things down.  But no conclusive data yet one way or the other.

> Just curious.. And how come redhat and suse are always on ads, well
> commercialzed linux.

They are commercial ventures out to make money.  Their marketing model
is to try to convince people that the water which comes out of the tap
is not safe to drink and that you should buy bottled water from them.
So they are out shaking hands and kissing babies and generally


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