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Re: Some shell's problem

David selby wrote:

James Ng Yuen Sum wrote:


I am a chinese user. If i want to use xcin(one input chinese characters
XIM server), I need to open a konsole and type the following command:

export LANG=zh_TW.Big5
env|grep LC

I have tried to add the above command in ~./bashrc and ~/.profile, but
when i start kde again, i have to type again, so that i want to ask
which file i need to edit so that the above two commands can run
automatically when i start linux.

James Ng

Many appologies that my suggestion did not work ... Ive learnt something new as well ! One last Idea, I have no idea if this is what you want, BUT ... have you looked in KDEs control panel under personalization > country and language. I'm sure you have already !

Good luck

Last, last thought. When I tried to setup some variables in ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc KDE seemed not to look at them. I have been told, though never tried it, that (assuming you are using KDM) as a graphical loggin manager, the "default" option will read these files !

Anyhow goodluck again


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