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Re: Problem with Files Sharing in One System

* Yuhanes Tjandra <yuhanes@cbn.net.id> [030725 14:34]:
> Hi, 
> I need to share some files between certain users in a linux system. 
> Therefore I created a new group and I put those users in that group. 
> The problem is every user in that group saves/creates a file with
> his/her own group. Right now, with administrator privilege, I can change
> it either manually or put the commands in cron. IMO, it's not quite effective though. 
> Is there any better way to do that?

I think you need to set the "group s bit" in the ownership of the
directory where the files reside

Lets say that the group you created is called "shared"

% mkdir shared-directory
% chown root:shared shared-directory
% chmod g+s shared-directory

Now all files created in shared-directory should have group ownership
of shared.


Debian testing/unstable
Linux twofish 2.6.0-test1-looxt93c6 #1 Thu Jul 17 16:49:12 JST 2003

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