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gpm setup for two mice and x

How do I set up gpm to use two mice with different protocols and get it
to repeat to x?

I have a touchpad which acts as a serial mouse (autops2 seems to work
for it) don't know exactly which one (sony vaio pcg laptop) and a
logtech usb mouse.

I configured X directly without regard to gpm and it works fine except
that I get different rates under kernel 2.4 and 2.6.
Under the console with the autops2 protocol I don't get the third button
functionality of the logitech, and with imps2 protocol I can't past
using the touchpad (no emulate 3 button ?).
When I try to use the -M option the mouse doesn't respond at all.

How would I configure gpm to give full button functionality for both

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