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Re: [OT] SCO is going all out now

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On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 08:26:49AM -0400, Rich Johnson wrote:
> I guess I'll be going back to 2.2 until this nonsense blows  
> over....sigh.

Why bother?  Unless you're a corporate site, I really wouldn't worry
about it (otherwise consult a lawyer).  I reallly doubt anything is
ever going to come of this.  SCO, at some point or another, will have to
put the code in question on the court record for inspection.  I can
very realistically see 2.6 not coming out of testing until this
happens, though I don't follow LKML[1] to know what the current plan of
action on this is.

[1] Are there enough hours in the day to read both debian-user and
lkml?  I mean, I do almost noting on a quiet night at work and it
barely catches me up on debian-user...

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