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Re: Graphic boot...

That comes with framebuffer support, which you select under "Console
drivers".  It's experimental, so you have to select "Code maturity level
options" - "Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers" right
at the beginning of the configure options.

Then, in the "Console drivers" section:
Video mode selection support Y
In the sub section "Frame-buffer support":
Support for frame buffer devices (EXPERIMENTAL) Y

I also select VESA VGA graphics console.  I don't know if that covers
all chipsets, or if you need to select your own particular chipset as
well.  My chipset's not listed separately, so that's all I choose.

Then, you get to set your resolution option in lilo.conf or grub like
vga=791	(791 is the number for 1024x768 resolution).

There's a table somewhere showing the numbers that go with different

The penguin is free if you get the rest going.  There's a Debian add-on
that turns it into a swirl if you like.


On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 09:30, Vittorio wrote:
>  I've tailored my 2.4.20 kernel quitting the boxed 2.4.18-bf24. Now at
> boot time I don't have that nice graphical penguin and a graphical
> display any longer as with the previous kernel.
> How could I set lilo (or the kernel?) to have that penguin at boot
> time?
> Ciao
> Vittorio 
bwaldow at alum.mit.edu

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