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Choice of MTA

I don't want to start a flame war, but need some input in order to
choose a mail transport agent. The ones of interest to me are
primarily sendmail (I've used it for many years, but need a
comparison), postfix (which I gather is readily configured to solve a
problem I'm experiencing  and was the direction I was inclined to go),
and exim (which seems very popular among debianists, but don't know
why). I know that qmail has also been popular.

My aim is to use the MTA with rmail (emacs) and mutt in a text rather
than gui environment on a standalone workstation. Stability, debian
friendliness, straightforward configuration, and spam blocking are my
principle concerns. The problem is that these parameters generally
seem marginal to the choice of MTA, and so I'm left wondering which
way to turn.

Haines Brown

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