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Re: Nvidia problems

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 04:31, Jose wrote:
> I am running Libranet 2.8 (based on sarge) and can't seem to get my 
> onboard graphics going. I can use "nv" and X works but only half-assed.
> Attached are the files and logs which i hope will provide someone with 
> enough info to help me with this.
> The onboard graphic is Nvidia Riva TNT2 Mach64 (16mb) The PC is a Dell 
> GX200.
> Thanks

Section "Monitor"
        VendorName      "Dell"
        ModelName       "Dell M770"
        Identifier      "Dell M770"
        HorizSync       30.0-60.0
        VertRefresh     48.0-75.0
        Option          "DPMS"

Have you checked for correct sync/refresh values for your monitor?

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