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Re: usb devices /etc/fstab

>>>>> "matt" == matt zagrabelny <z@saturnsys.com> writes:

matt> hi, i have two usb removable mass storage devices (camera and
matt> vorbis player) that are both setup in /etc/fstab to use /dev/sda1
matt> as the device. what should i do if i want both to be plugged in
matt> and mounted at the same time?


I use scsidev, in the scsitools package (in unstable -- I'm not sure if
it's in stable).  scsidev allows you to define aliases based on
hardware ID, so you could have, say, /dev/scsi/camera and
/dev/scsi/vorbis.  You can have scsidev run automatically when you plug
something in, using hotplug, but I've had some stability problems with
that -- at least with Firewire devices.

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