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Re: how do I get sendmail SMTP-AUTH to use pam (and not SASL2)?

On 20 Jul 2003 19:42:27 -0700
"Jeff Wiegley, Ph.D." <jeffw@cyte.com> wrote:

> But how and where do I configure this in debian's installation of
> sendmail/sasl? and what do I need to run to update/reload it
> once I've made changes?
> I've made changes to /etc/mail/sasl/Sendmail.conf.2 but they
> don't seem to do anything. Maybe I'm not reloading something
> or this isn't the place to make such changes?

Are you specifying "saslauthd" in that file?  Is saslauthd running with
the correct "-a" flag for your auth scheme (getpwent or pam)?  Have
you read the saslauthd man page?  What do the authlogs say?


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