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Re: configuring DHCLIENT-2.2.x

    "Lars" == Lars Unin <lars_unin@linuxmail.org> writes:

    >> Hmmmm....so what is the name of you ethernet device? It does
    >> sound like it is not eth0. If you type 'ifconfig' as root how
    >> many devices are listed and what are their names?
    Lars> one device only lo the loopback device, but pegasus is
    Lars> loaded, hmm im starting to be concerned that the kernel may
    Lars> be buggy.

Hi Lars,

At this point it is clear that your problem has nothing to do with the
dhclient program. Rather, you are unable to get your USB ethernet
device to work with your kernel. 

I'm no USB expert, and I have never used a USB ethernet device (my
experience is limited to the USB mouse and keyboard I am using while
typing this). My gut reaction would be to install a 2.4.18 kernel and
the hotplug package before proceeding. 

Can you do this without the network connection? How did you install
Debian? Your source media might allow this to work, or you could
download the files and transfer them to your machine. Install hotplug
first, 2.4.18 kernel only if that does not help any. Your goal needs
to be to get 'ifconfig' to list your ethernet device before anything
else works.

Also, you might want to remove the 'pegasus' line from /etc/modules
when you do this, and remove the line 'auto eth0' from
/etc/network/interfaces since your USB card should be bought up not at
boot up but when it is plugged in. Sorry for telling you to do all
this, but I was trying to understand what your configuration was.


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