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re: corupt files


michael.glancy@btinternet.com wrote:

> I am a new user, I have downloaded the debian images and put them onto
> cd.
> I have started installing and I get the message that a dchp file is
> corrupt quite early on and the installation stops.

Did you check if the images were ok before you wrote them to CD? There are
md5sums of the images available on the servers (in the download
directories). If you still have the downloaded files, run md5sums on them
and compare the result to the file on the server.

> COuld anyone please give me advice regarding this.
> Also I am in the UK, and I have two debian disk one - on non-us. does
> this mean non-united states?

The non-us image contains some additional packages, most of them use
strong encryption and may not be exported from the US and for this reason
are not available for download from the US servers. You should use the
non-US CD. You don't need the other one.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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