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SmartArray 5312

I have a Compaq SmartArray 5312 on 2.4.21, the array has a ReiserFS
partition on it. Whenever there is a lot of disk activity on the drive,
it freezes. Any access to the drive (ls, for instance) sticks. Other
than that, the system works fine (oh, and I can't remotely reboot, I
have to cycle the power). The drive is about 400 gigs, 7 drives into one
huge partition. The problem has persisted from bf2.4 to 2.4.19 through

The problems seem to be a bit random. I can't predict when cp will cause
the drive to hang, but its always with a lot data being copied or moved.
There are no errors in any logs.

What happened this time:
I moved 11G of data from a user's account to the larger drive. This
hung it. Any access to that hangs the drive. ls on my home dir
(/home/laurichj) hangs, but ls ~/tmp/ doesnt (this is because I have a
symlink to the drive in my account). However, two days before I had
moved around 8G to the drive with no problem. The drive is ~14% full.

After hours of searching, I am no better off than when I started. I am
thinking maybe its an issue with ReiserFS and cciss, and I'm the only
one using ReiserFS on a 5312....

Anyone have any ideas on where I can look for help?

Thanks for any help, I'm not subscribed to the list so could I get cc'd?


| Josh Lauricha            |
| laurichj@bioinfo.ucr.edu |
| Bioinformatics, UCR      |

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