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2.6.0-test1: some modules refuse to autoload

My apologies if this is a repeat... I originally sent it yesterday
evening, and haven't seen any sign of it on the list.


I'm starting to test out the 2.6.0-test1 kernel, and for the most part
everything is going smoothly.  There is one problem that has me
stumped, however... I can't seem to get module auto-loading to work for
the cdrom.  None of the other modules seem to have any trouble.

I'm currently running Debian sid, with module-init-tools 0.9.13-pre.
I've defined the alias "block-major-22 ide-cd", and verified that both
"modprobe -nv block-major-22" and "modprobe -nv ide-cd" give the
expected results.  When I try to mount a CD, however, I get the message
"/dev/hdc not a valid block device".  Browsing the system logfiles, I
don't see any indication that a module load was even attempted.
Everything works fine if I load the ide-cd module manually first.

I browsed the list archives and did some googling, but didn't find
anything which sounded similar.  Any idea what's wrong?


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