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Re: cdrecord bug?

David Fokkema wrote:

Hi group,

with the cdrecord versions from testing and unstable (2.0) I am unable
to work with an ATAPI CDROM. With the woody version (1.10) I can do:

cdrecord dev=0,0 -toc

and get a table of contents of an inserted audio cd. On two different
systems, I get an error using the 2.0 version: 'cannot init drive'. It's
picking the same drivers, using scsi (ide-scsi) so no problem there,
except that it keeps complaining it can't do anything with the drive. I
haven't tried on other systems (due to the lack of other systems) but I
suspect generic-mmc scsi cdrom support is broken. Any clues? Should I
file a bug report?



I had to build a new kernel with more specefic scsi support, namely emulation of scsi by atapi. Seems there is a serious lag in linux development in this area and scanners as well. It was the
same with sound and printers for a long time.

John Foster

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