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Review of Non-US package list?

Does the list of packages listed as "non-US" get reviewed from time to time? Looking over the list, it seems like all the SSL stuff is considered non-US. I understand why this was the case 5 years ago, but between RSA patent expiration and the export laws made less draconian in the past few years, it seems like many of those could be moved back in with the general population of packages.

I'm sure this has got to be a FAQ. So perhaps, you should give a justification for each package in non-US. While you're at it, giving a justification for why a package in "non-free" license doesn't qualify as a free software license would be nice too. I'm not asking for a 500 word essay per package, but I'm sure most of the non-US packages fall into one of 3-6 reasons and the license failures are probably for about the same number of reasons as well. Having a short web page describing the issue and which packages fall into that catagory wouldn't take too much time.

Of course, perhaps this is all already outlined somewhere and I just need the link to the page. (if that's the case, perhaps it should be easier to find. :)

	Rick Niles.

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