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Re: OT: why I don't want CCs

also sprach nori heikkinen <nori@sccs.swarthmore.edu> [2003.07.16.2224 +0200]:
> oh, i see what you mean.  but that will only work locally, right?
> right now i read my email off xterms from one machine, while using a
> browser local to another.

from url_handlers.sh:

# Any entry in the lists of programs that urlview handler will try out will
# be made of /path/to/program + ':' + TAG where TAG is one of
# PW: X11 program intended to live on after urlview's caller exits.
# XW: X11 program
# XT: Launch with an xterm if possible or as VT if not
# VT: Launch in the same terminal

# The lists of programs to be executed are
http_prgs="/usr/bin/x-www-browser:PW /usr/bin/www-browser:XT
  /usr/bin/galeon:PW /usr/bin/konqueror:PW /usr/bin/mozilla:PW
  /usr/bin/lynx:XT /usr/bin/w3m:XT /usr/bin/links:XT

So yes, if you are working remotely (and X forwarding is not
enabled), then it will try to launch lynx, w3m, links in that order.
If X forwarding is enabled, it will forward the respective GUI

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