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Re: installation and set up

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003, Jianan Huang wrote:
> My Vectra runs on Pentium 100MHz, has 40MB of RAM, two 500 MB drives, a S3 
> ViRGE 3D/DX video card and a Creative Technology sound card . The C drive 
> runs Win95 and the D drive now runs Linux. The machine is linked to the Net 
> via a serial port, 3Com US Robotics 56K Faxmodem using ppp.

Slightly offtopic, but have you looked into upgrading the memory?
Desktop memory, even from that era, is rather cheap, and laptop memory
can be found at ebay.  Memory would probably be the most effective
upgrade for you - When I went from 32M to 80M in my p166 laptop, my
system became way more responsive.  [Then again, if this is a desktop,
you might not want to spend the money to upgrade]

> 1) Using df, I find that my / has 60MB (25MB cited on previous msg was 
> wrong), /usr has 300MB left. These are the only two partitions I created 
> besides swap, which I assigned 35mB. I want to install a GUI, a browser and 
> Openoffice. Would there be enough space? Any recommendation for GUI and 
> browser?

FYI:  My Laptop:  Pentium 166, 80M memory, 4GB disk.

For a GUI, look into fluxbox/blackbox, fvwm, or xfce.  (Using fluxbox

For a office-like word processor, try AbiWord.  Pretty responsive on my 
system.  I remember running Star Office on a Pentium 100 overclocked to 
125mhz about 3 years ago, but this was under Windows 95, and I had more 
memory and HDD space.  I wouldn't recommend Open Office under linux.

If you want to be ambitious, learn vim/emacs and latex.  Perfect for all 
typesetting needs, but it has a huge learning curve.

For a browser, I'm using a combination of w3m-ssl for non-graphical
needs, and galeon for graphical needs.

> 2) I have tried "apt-get install" for small files. Works fine. If I use it 
> on a large file, and the link breaks down in the midst, will it continue 
> downloading from the break or start all over again?

Will continue from the break, IIRC.

~ Jesse Meyer

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