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Re: Package to OCR from Image of Text, tips?

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 23:24, Dan Hunt wrote:
> I want to optical character recgonize some typewritten pages. 
> The documents were done on an old  manual typewriter and is 
> a family history of sorts, going back six generations and by
> now one more generation has to be added. 
> I could scan them into tif or jpg images, and them transfer 
> then onto my Debian Woody system for OCR processing.
> I do not have a scanner so must borrow one.
> My google efforts did not yield much in terms of usefull info.
> Kind Regards
> Dan Hunt
> http://hunt.ath.cx/

<ad>The recent SuSE release contains a binary only, but free to use
enchanced Kooka version with the professional Kadmos OCR/ICR engine.

Feel free to use that version or find out, how to use under Debian as

Best regards,

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