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Re: Securing POP3


* Ernest Johanson <ejohan@fuller.edu> [2003-Jul-11 11:17 AKDT]:
> Perdition 1.11 can function as a POP3s proxy. Currently it's in
> unstable, which might not be what you want.  If you're comfortable
> compiling apps from source, you can get the distribution and docs from
> http://www.vergenet.net/linux/perdition.

Thanks, that does look pretty good.  Since it's a proxy, I can also 
migrate people over time from the old plain text, port 110 server to the 
new port 995, SSL enabled perdition server (which would be on the same 
machine, probably).

Christopher S. Swingley          email: cswingle@iarc.uaf.edu
IARC -- Frontier Program         Please use encryption.  GPG key at:
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