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Re: weird tcpdump dependency on libaviplaydha

also sprach Vineet Kumar <debian-user@virtual.doorstop.net> [2003.07.11.0824 +0200]:
> results instead of crapping out completely.  Although, I guess if the
> magic numbers and some headers are correct, ldd could do its thing.
> It could have somehow gotten crossed up with another library which does
> depend on libaviplaydha.so?

My thoughts. Anyhow, I attribute this 99% to filesystem corruption
right now. Screw ReiserFS!

> > And to be honest: I highly doubt that someone got into this system.
> > It's not on a network and locked in my office...
> Not on a network?  So what do you need tcpdump for? ;-)

Correction: not on a publicly accessible network.

Aside, `tcpdump -ni lo` works just fine...

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