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Re: but I don't want the Russian etc. documentation

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LOCALEPURGE(8)                                     LOCALEPURGE(8)

       localepurge - removing superfluous locale data


       localepurge is a small script to recover disk space wasted
       for unneeded locale files and localized man pages. It will
       be  automagically  invoked  by dpkg upon completion of any
       apt installation run.   You  have  to  define  the  locale
       directory  names  you want to keep from removal after each
       apt installation run in the /etc/locale.nopurge configura­
       tion file.  Unless localepurge has been adequately config­
       ured, the system's locale directories won't be touched  at

On Tue, 08 Jul 2003 11:04:32 +0800
Dan Jacobson <jidanni@jidanni.org> wrote:

> > apt-howto is a metapackage; you install it to get the apt-howto
> > in all its various translations.  Once you've decided on the
> > translations you need, and remove the rest, the apt-howto
> > package will be removed as well because its dependencies are
> > no longer satisfied.
> regarding "remove the rest", the pros must have a better way than the
> below, no?
> # dlocate -l apt-howto|tr -s \ |cut -d \  -f2|
> awk '/apt/&&!/-en/'|xargs apt-get -y --purge remove
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