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Re: Possible bug in devfs package and bugs reporting in general

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 12:51:22PM +0930, Vesselin Kostadinov wrote:
> Well, "devfsd 1.3.25-1" is a stable package. As such it should behave
> as a stable package, regardless of the "experimental" nature of
> the packaged software. The fact is that devfsd DOES NOT WORK 
> without properly recompiled kernel. Not only that, it does not give
> any clue what exactly is wrong.
> Not necesarilly. Sometimes people need other software that just
> happens to need devfs.

Just to make a subtle distinction here, I'll point out that the function
of devfsd is not to provide devfs, but to make devfs
backwards-compatible with the old naming scheme.  If you have your old
device names in /dev, then devfsd is doing its job, whether or not you
have mounted a devfs filesystem.  If you need devfs, that's a kernel
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