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Re: What directories can be shared between multiple distributions on the same machine??

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On Monday 07 July 2003 02:37 am, Lukas Ruf wrote:
> Hallo Zhao YouBing <zhaoyb@cad.zju.edu.cn> [2003-07-07 12:31]:
> > If I want to install multiple distributions on one machine, there
> > should be some parts that can be shared,
> > such as SWAP, /tmp(if u made it a separate partition), but
> > can we share /usr, /var? What should be done carefully to share them?
> I assume:
>  swap -- without problems
>  usr  -- I wouldn't since all distros make use of slightly different
>          configurations
>  etc  -- dito
>  home -- yes
>  var  -- with a lot of care due to "usr"-problematic
>  dev  -- depends on the various kernels, i.e. devfs <-> legacy devs
> In general:
>  - where OS/distro-dependend stuff is in, rather not
>  - user's data like home of course
> What do the other think?

I would think any file system that the system doesn't write to. This would 
also include /usr/local and /opt. Though on some distro's /opt gets 
software installed, I don't think sharing it  would affect any particular 
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