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Re: How "unstable" is unstable?

On Sunday 06 July 2003 9:10 pm, Steve Lamb wrote:
> On 06 Jul 2003 21:07:42 -0400
> Neal Lippman <nl@lippman.org> wrote:
> > I'm wondering, from those running sid, just how "unstable" is it at the
> > present time?
> >
> > The reason I am asking is that I would like to move on to KDE 3 and am
> > feeling behind the times, still using KDE 2.1 in woody. I've been
> > reluctant to track sid since I do need my workstation to be up and
> > working pretty well, so I'd be interested in hearing from some who are
> > using unstable regularly.

Sid is doing pretty good for me. I have a knoppix/debian install plus gnome 
2.2 (that is KDE 3.1.2, Mozilla 1.3.2, Evolution 1.4, Openoffice 1.0.3, 
kernel 2.4.21, XFree86 4.3) in my laptop... and what can I say, other that 
some minor bugs (i.e. the pgp plugin for KMail (or any other email client) 
does not work), everything works perfectly... I had it for 2 months now.

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